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Happy New Year 2023

Happy Hour, Unordinary


May 2023 provide more good times like this.

Happy New Year!


Que 2023 vous apporte de bons moments comme celui-ci!

Bonne Année, et Meilleurs Souhaits!


Happy Our, unordinary

In these times when our world is shaken, and we question whether the constance we were hoping for, will be there, it is good to know that this very classic Parisian location, going back more than a century, and that I have been photographing for going on 40 years, is still providing good times on a daily basis, including to this photographer. I seldom go to Paris without checking out La Tartine.

With its double entrance, (one is from the street in the back) it offers on top of its already spectacular front display, an uncommon visual depth going through the entire block. This depth offers a profound visual theater, and that rather unique characteristic is quite extraordinarily illustrated here, by what is very improbably, happening in that rear entrance on this photograph. That may only be seen by blowing up the photograph, so I hope that you can do that on your device.

Thank you for reading and paying attention.

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