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Les 3 Becs, Vallée du Rhône, Valence

Chez Moi


Guillerand-Granges lès Valence, Portes lès Valence, La Vallée du Rhône et les préalpes, vus depuis la montagne de Crussol. 20 Juin 2009.

Il se trouve que j'ai grandi là. "Les Trois Becs," la montagne au loin, était la montagne préférée de ma grand-mère. C'est un endroit qui semblait bien ordinaire, mais qui à un océan d'écart, ne l'est plus. Tout cet urbanisme, quelconque mais qui tranche avec le ciel et l'horizon, cette tapisserie de l'histoire, et de la mienne, et qui se fond dans le va et vient des nuages me donne du vague à l'âme.

Guillerand-Granges lès Valence, Portes lès Valence, The Rhône valley and the prealps, seen from the Crussol mountain. June 20, 2009.

It so happens that I grew up there. "The Three Beaks," the mountain in the far, was my grand mother's favorite. This used to seem a very ordinary place, which an ocean away it is not. All this urbanism, non descript, but which contrasts with the sky and horizon, this quilt of history and mine, and which melts into the come and go of the clouds, tango me mellow.

La défense, Cimetière de Puteaux, La Grande Arche

Au Meilleur des Mondes

"In the Best of all worlds"

La Défense vue du Cimetière de Puteaux. Mars 1991.

La Défense, seen from Puteaux Cemetery. March 1991.

Twin Towers

Arriving in Babylon

"L'Arrivée à Babylone"

Queens, October 30, 2000.

From a taxi between La Guardia and Manhattan.

Queens, 30 Octobre 2000.

Depuis un taxi entre La Guardia Airport et Manhattan.

Rockefeller Tower, New York

Like Rockefeller

"Comme Rockefeller"

New York, top of the Rockefeller tower, December 2009, around 14:30.

New York, sommet de la tour Rockefeller, Décembre 2009 aux environs de 14:30.

Ground Zero, New York, 9-11

Close to Epiphany

"Près de l'épiphanie"

New York, Ground Zero, January 1 2010, around 14:30.

New York, Près de Ground zéro, 1er Janvier 2010 aux environs de 14:30.


This show is on display at the Greenhill Center for N.C. Art in Greensboro N.C,, from September 1 to November 6, 2011.


My work is about location, being in the right place at the right time, striking at the proper second from the right angle, or probably more often from the left one.

I specialize in two locations, France and the United States. Inevitably, one contrasts with the other. It occurs here, between photographs taken in the mother of all cities, albeit one of its newest, and two scenes from my ancestral land. The latter exude the weight of time, while the former burst out of the instant, that moment that Cartier-Bresson demonstrated as being decisive.

Time is imbedded in photography, as time + light = photograph. The equation is uniq
ue every time, and can be revealing.


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